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Culture Transformation Socialization & IPC Brand

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Culture Tranformation was opened by General Manager of Banten Port, Mr. Agung Fitrianto

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Discussion about Culture Transformation was described by Ms. Shanti Puruhita - AKB. SP. Sector Restructuring & Change Management and Ms. Dian Vegawati - ASM HR Assessment & Mapping

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One part of the event is Culture Transformation Discussion Group, where each group had to answer the questions.

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General Manager of Banten Port supporting and committing on the change of corporate culture which has been shown in the signing on the banner culture transformation. It was followed by all employees of Banten Port.

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Photo Session

Photo session with All Participants before the event closed.


Culture Transformation event was held on Thursday, April 11, 2013 in the Meeting Room of Banten Port. The aims of the event is how to change habbits and old mindset who tend to feel comfort become a passion, creative and smart mindset condition.

At this event also explained about the meaning of our new corporate brand, IPC. It also expalined how the application and use the new logo of IPC.
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