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Indonesia's Independence Day celebrations

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Sack Racing competition

Sack Race is one of the competition which was held on August 17 Ceremonial

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Futsal competition by wearing house dresses

Futsal Competition is followed by employees who wear house dresses during the competition. The challenge is movement difficulties which is suffered by the participants

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Beauty Contest

Beauty Contest was followed by the employees. They have to dressed like a woman, wear a unique hijab and should behave like a woman.



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Pulling Rope competition

Pulling ropes is a routine competition that was held every year at IPC Banten .


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August, 17 Ceremonial

Flag ceremonial was held on August, 17 2013. Led by by Pilotage Manager (Capt. Syafrudin)
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Giving Award to the champion

General Manager of IPC Banten, Mr. Agung Fitrianto gived the main award to the champion. This year's winner is Operation & Uster division.

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Photo Session

Left-Right : Rikky Afrianto (Engineering & System Inf Mgr), Hartono (Ass General Mgr Performance Control & PFSO), Ikhwanoel (Finance & HR Mgr), Agung Fitrianto (General Manager) Syafrudin (Pilotage Mgr) and Ilham Dwi Putra (Operation & Uster Mgr)


Ciwandan, August 16th - 17 th 2013, IPC Banten was held various competition in order to enliven the Indonesia independence day with the theme "Increase the sense of nasionalism with the agility and spirit of IPC".

The Competitions was held on August, 16th 2013. Type of the competitions were :

  • Sing Competition
  • Bakiak Competition
  • Futsal Competition by wearing house dresses
  • Throwing Water Baloon Competition
  • Beauty Contest
  • Eating crackers Competition
  • Sack Racing Competition
  • Pulling Rope Competition
  • Gaple Competitio
  • Blind Elephant Competition

Winner announcement and gift distribution was held on August, 17th 2013, as well as implementing flag ceremonial to celebrate indonesia's independence day. Finally, held a halal bihalal which is all employees and stakeholders forgive each other.

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