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General Manager of Banten Port Handover


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The Signing of Handover Document

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Congratulation on New Position Saying by Director of Engineering of IPC

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The Previous GM and the New GM with Director of Engineering of IPC

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Photo Session



As a follow up to the Decree of the Board of Directors of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) Number: KP. 428/30/5/1/PI.II-14 on May 30, 2014, Handover Position of Banten Port GM had been held at Thursday, June 12, 2014, in Pelabuhan Panjang-Lampung. The event was witnessed by the IPC Director of Engineering, Mr. Ferialdy Noerlan and staffs of Banten Port Manager.

Mr. Agung Fitrianto was replaced by Mr. Chiefy Adi K, who was previously served as Senior Manager of HR Planning and Welfare at Head Office, while Mr. Agung Fitrianto was mandated to serve as GM of Panjang Port, replacing Mr. Doso Agung.

IPC Banten would like to express gratitude and deliver deepest appreciation to Mr. Agung Fitrianto for his amazing dedication, hard work, commitment, and leadership during his tenure as a General Manager of Banten Port, and good luck for your duty at Panjang Port.

To the new GM, Mr. Chiefy Adi K, IPC Banten would like to say congratulation on the position entrusted to you and hopefully you will do your duty very well, so the performance of IPC Banten will be increased and be much better.


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